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After 20 years of development, the company has accumulated a series of experience in technology, manufacturing and quality control. Gain insight into the characteristics of each application area and principle safety. Has achieved good results in many areas. We are committed to becoming an influential professional transformer manufacturer in the industry and will continue to operate.

Haining Lianfeng Dongjin Electronics Co.,LTD.,established in 2005,specializes in all kinds of magnetic components for research and development,the production,the sale,it grows quickly and has been a high growth of high-tech enterprise in the field.

There are more than 50 production lines of the electronic voltage transformer with the annual production capacity of more than 100 million.Switch power transformer,power frequency transformer,promote transformer,filter,pillow school transformer,step-up transformer,focus transformer,linear inductor,chip inductor,harmonic reactor,fixed inductor,choke,are widely used in CRT,LCD,PDP,computer,communication apparatus,green lighting,air conditioner,DVD,washing machine,medical device,high frequency electric welding machine,car electronics and portable switch power,etc.

Since its founding,the company has maintained a rapid development momentum.In the past years,it made the good progress.The products are mainly sold to Guangdong,Shanghai,Shandong,and exports to the United States,Japan,South Korea,the European Union,the Middle East,Hong Kong and Taiwan.The company has got UL, VDE, CQC safety certification, and obtains ISO9000 quality system, ISO14001 environment system and OHSAS18001 certificate.