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Skill competition

editor:admin │ Release time:2018-09-04 

At 17:30 on April 30, Lianfeng Dongjin’s third “Labor Expert” skill competition was held as scheduled.

This skill competition consists of two parts: workshop operation skills and office skill competition. There are 8 competitions in winding, assembly, packaging, ET type, magnetic ring, inductance, word typing and excle form. More than 100 people participated in this competition. In the competition, the company leader and the quality control department will test and judge the game.

The employees enthusiastically signed up and participated actively. The leaders of various departments vigorously promoted and judged fairly, and worked together to make this competition a complete completion.

The competition pursues the tenet of “skilled and heavy participation”. The atmosphere is intense and integrated. After the competition, the competition won the first prize of three groups and the first prize of five individuals.

Through this skill competition, employees feel the atmosphere of the competition, and their skills are honed and improved, which increases their self-confidence and enthusiasm.